Sunday, 31 January 2016

The Weekends Efforts

I admit. I was very lazy this weekend. I only completed another three minis since our last post.

Two of those - those two below, were for my sci-fi obsession. The chap on the left is going to be some sort of mate (second or third). The other one is just another pirate scum...

Oh well. If I ever use these guys for 40k (which I highly doubt), they will certainly be Tzeentchii (ian). I quite like how the mate ended up. He is nice and colourful. Hehe. I am using so much yellow as of late... I used to hate yellow but now, its rare for me to paint anything without a hint of yellow in it. Nice warm colour. Especially with a reikland flesh shade. Makes it brown and warm. But hey, that's besides the point.

Anyway, the other mini completed was a very inebriated dwarf. This is, actually, the first WHFB dwarf I have ever painted. It looks crap in the picture but its better in real life... hehe... excuses excuses. Oh, and the lighting was terrible when I painted him. Still, he's off now to have his base completed and then he will end up in a musty old drawer, because at the moment, I cant use him. Still, a fun paint up.

Sigh. Another week... Well, lets see if  this one ends up being more productive than last week. I think I will do a sci-fi batrep soon. Hmm.


  1. "Chap", is there any word more S.A.-ian than that :D (no, havent watched chappie).

    Really nice washings on those two dudes!

    I really like your update schedule btw

    1. Thanks man! I am trying to post at least every second day! And the real "Cape Flats" pronunciation sounds something like "Tsappie". Hehe.