Sunday, 10 April 2016


So here is another short post on one of  my budding project, one that in a months time should be a very large project indeed. But for now I am just playing around with ideas. The project is set in a fantastical 16th century alternate Europe sort of thing.

So, these here chaps are going to be part of a human army/warband -- them being conscripts and/or militia. So almänne broken up means "weapon" "commoner" inspired by the Swedish word "allmoge" meaning "folk" or "peasant".

So first up we have their commander, an officer (retired knight) of the name of (undecided).

It is he that has armed these chaps who are either members of the local militia, press ganged into joining the army reserves, or just normal peasants armed and given basic training.

Their formation is relatively well armoured and has a 1/1 mix of archers to close combat.

Including yesterdays two, this makes up one full unit of eight almänne and their officer -- ready to go raid for cows over the border.


  1. Wow! Looking great!

    Are those some of the models we painted in our hobby Jamboree? :D

    1. No, hehe, these were painted afterwards, but the models in the previous post where!

    2. Ah, well... I blame my old eyes :D

    3. then I hope that when my eyes are as "old" as yours I can paint as well as you can! :D

    4. Heheh!

      /Still not logged in (Llama)