Monday, 4 January 2016

More presents and a pony

So, I was very pleasantly surprised yesterday when I received a dear little gift of two X-Wing miniatures. Now, I don't play X-Wing, but somehow, owning these two fulfilled some childhood fantasy of mine.

I unboxed them and set to immediately writing out a basic rule system that I can use for these miniatures, as I am want to do. So far I've played around five games so far. They can take quite a long time as one has to maneuver correctly to a) avoid enemy fire and b) to fire upon thine enemy.
Still, it's fun! 

And I have not forgotten my RoC warbands that I have been working on. My Nurgle champion, Pestulent Retch, was gifted four chaos spawn. This was a dilemma for me as I don't own any chaos spawn. I also have no idea how represent chaos spawn in third edition. I only know what spawns look like in the later editions. That being said, I decided my spawns would just have to be heavily mutated humans. So, I just used the mantic zombies body as a base for further mutation. Then I tore open my bits box and go to gluing away anything that felt right, although I had to stick somewhat to the actual mutations I rolled for them. Still need to do another two. Hmm, not sure when that's going to get done.

Oh, and I also bought Samwise and Bill the pony. Mainly for the pony. His new name is Baggage the Pony and he carries the supplies for my Bludfendorf Royal Guard.

He was quite fun to paint: I used many of my new washes. Plus, now that I have a new Sam, I now have 11 hobbits for my lotr armies!

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