Friday, 1 January 2016

Redemption of Erik

Now, after being thwarted again by Frank in the previous battle, Erik miserably went and hid himself in a fort that had been captured by the followers of Slannesh when he was still running with Hepplethwaite's warband. This was the perfect place to start anew.

But little did he know that under the command of Zenal, the Sigmarite Bishop, the Kalitzdorf Militia were out to reclaim the old fort.

Seeing the opposition, Erik made himself scarce to avoid being targeted by the handgunners. He was really squishy so it was best to avoid those Strength 4 bullets!

Donald leads the charge as the Empire warband advances on the old fort.

Erik is soon hemmed in all around. Despite this he grimly holds on and stands firm. With a mighty blow from his axe, he cleaves Donald's forearm sending the ogre bawling into the dirt.

Meanwhile the three handgunners swiftly secure the fort.

Seeing Donald fall, Frank decides to put an end to the conflict by charging forward, unobstructed by the enormous owl cup of Earl Grey.

Erik now wheels around to confront Edward.

And, despite taking a wound from John, the Chaos Champion brings Edward down with a mighty swipe of his axe.

Frank rushes to the rescue, but he is too late as John is sent flying!

 As Erik turns grimly to confront this new opponent, Frank's hammer clangs down onto his head, knocking him out cold.

I do proclaim a Pyrrhic Empire victory. Turns out John was alright after a mug of ale, just a bit battered. Donald was worse off, with his humerus split. I can tell you he didn't find it very humorous. Sadly, Edward had met his match in Erik, and through that his maker. He was irrevocably (unless you had a necromancer handy), dead.

Erik was fine. He had a big lump on his head and several minor cuts but on the whole he was fine. And captured by the Empire.

Erik was locked in an impromptu jail, ready to be transported back to Bludfendorf for questioning.

Next, up: will Erik escape or will he be resigned to a life of torture and questioning? Find out, in our next episode of Realm of Madness, Season 1.



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