Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Unboxing Inquisitor Josef

So the other day I bought this book just out of interest, and also because it game with two miniatures, and because it is no longer available. I haven't opened it yet as I haven't felt an immediate urge to, but we will see...

However, today, I bit the bullet and opened one of the miniature backs. They are both the same miniature and both ugly as hell. And 75mm. Hmm.

Suppose I can use him as a large mutated chappie who has been exposed too long to the Madness... mwahaha!

Or not.

I am not going to start playing Inquisitor. I like 28mm. No need to change.

Its weird. Yes. Very weird. I have no idea how to assemble it and honestly, I don't have the "umphff"  to try right now. I got myself sick yesterday and so ended up in bed sleeping the whole day. Which was ok as it was reasonably chilly


And yes  it is nice and cold and rainy down here! SO LONG, summer!

Hehe, its nose is all sandy because it likes to snuffle for truffles... er... ya!

Even too cold for the dogs.

I love it when its cold (for Cape Town in summer!)

pffff.... who needs snow! ............... me ........


  1. I wish we could give you some of our excess snow. Are those fluffies K.C Cavaliers btw? They look like harmony, but I suspect a bird might get them running :D

    1. I think the black one is a mix of spaniel and sheep dog and the brown one is some other type of spaniel. And yes, pretty much anything gets them running, even things in their imagination... :D

    2. Hehe! Also, what wouldn't I do to change your weather to ours :/ That rain looks so serene and warm...

      /Llama, not logged in

    3. Oh no you wouldn't. If Sweden had SA's weather today you'd all drown in melting snow! Its going to be 30 degrees C.