Friday, 29 January 2016

Friday, Friday, gotta buy sh*t on Fryday...


I have now added another x-wing miniature to my collection for strictly playtesting reasons. I was just trying out its rules on my own, but the table was way too small and it ended up as a ramming match... Damn! I had to quickly write rules for ramming. I have a feeling that I am going to have to de-buff them soon-ish.

So, what have I bought?

I bought a useful little space ship which in the near future (hopefully) will be infested with pirates. Just need to do some more painting. That's all...

And here is what makes painting pirates hard. Sigh. Now, I was planning to use these as strumpets for Oldhammer, or chaos cultists... Hell, I was just bored and that's why I painted them. Any day that I haven't painted a miniature is a day wasted and all that... Now surprisingly, these two were flippin' hard to photograph! The one in white-ish was just way too bright! :(

So, what do we have to look forward to this weekend...

Well, tomorrow I have fencing in the morning so that's a couple of hours spent poking people with epees. Then when I get back, sleep or shower? Not sure. Probably shower and then sleep. Or read. And then paint. More pirates.

That is my usual Saturday folks. Yes, every Saturday is the same. It would be monotonous but ... it is kind of but... yeah ! ;)

Then, on to Sunday! Sleep late! Wake up! Check blogs! Check emails! Make tea! Earl Gray Tea! Awesome! Get back into bed! Read! Paint! Read! Paint! Recurring! Go to sleep!

Pretty much my weekend.

Looks average.

Why am I writing this. Who actually cares about my schedule. Unless you want to assassinate me. Hmm. Damn. Too late now. Meh.

Oh well. I am rambling.

Good night. Sleep tight. Love you. Don't let the bedbugs eat your FACE!

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  1. While i might not assassinate you, I still find it interesting. I have a very scheduled week, but it happened very organically so to speak... used to be very averse to such things, but in the end it is all for the best. Makes planning with the buddies much easier!