Friday, 1 January 2016

Third and last Batrep of the day.

It was now time to transport the captured Chaos champion to Kalitzdorf and then on to Bludfendorf.

Little did Erik know that he was soon to be freed from his captivity.

 Lurking to the left hand side of the road was Pug, an avid worshipper of Slannesh, who had heard tell of how Erik had stood alone against the whole Kalitzdorf garrison and, being inspired, decided to gang up with some similarly minded beastmen in order to rescue the Chaos Champion.

The small convoy heads ever deeper into the forest and away from the relative safety of the old fort.

Suddenly, the wild roaring of an enraged ogre could be heard echoing through the trees as the ambush is sprung.

Frank quickly dispatches one of the beastmen while Pug and John trad blows.

In a brilliant bout of hammering the Road Warden see's off another one of the rabid beasts and wounds another.

John takes a heavy blow to the side but still fails to pierce the ogre's tough armour.

Pug and John exchanged wounds while Frank finishes off the last of the beastmen. While this is all happening, Erik spurs his horse into action, escaping the field of  battle.

Just before turning and fleeing back into the woods, he hews down one last stroke, braking the priests body and killing him.

In revenge Frank leaps forward and strikes the ogre down, yet the beast just manages to crawl from the battlefield more or less intact. Slanneshi victory!

Sadly, John passed on from this world. Erik lost one beastman, but otherwise the warband was still operational. He was now pleased to be recognized as one of the major Chaos powers in the area.

After the previous battle, Pestulent gained a Chaos gift which ended up being four Chaos spawn. So far I have created two, converted from mantic zombies. So, Pestulent was also rising in power, although having lost most of his followers in the attempt to free Erik.

Oh, and some good news, I am now definitely getting a Khorne Greater Daemon, still in blister for only R500 rand -- that is around 22 pounds, which I am thrilled about.

Whew! This has been a very productive day. I've painted three infantry models, one monster and I've played three skirmish's. This is a positive start to the year methinks.

Anyway, apologies for all the posts today, I've just been in a bit of a hobby mania.

Cheers for now.

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