Monday, 25 January 2016

Sci-Fi Crewmen

 So, now that I am getting fully back into the swing of school, the hobby side of my life can begin to grow within a nice electric fenced parameters set by schoolwork, homework(basically the same thing as I am homeschooled) and resting/reading.

So apart from killing myself fencing for the first time in over a month, last weekend I read around four hundred pages and painted six miniatures for my sci-fi play-testing.

As you will have heard from how I opened, I am still at school, but as soon as I am out (or sooner ;D) I plan to either write for a living, or go into the wonderful industry of wargaming!

Anyway, onto the painted plastic.

These first three (40k chaos cultists) I painted in bright gaudy colours. They are crewmen on one of the many merchant or pirate/mercenary vessels that ply their trade in the inky darkness of space.

They are going to be just simple crewmen for a merchant vessel in the immediate future, but I wanted them to be able to double up as pirates if need be.

Next up, a GeeDubb Dark Eldar miniature, who is now a merchant trader (and second mate on the freighter Kirilean) being the second son of a fully fledged trader.

He wears white armour to show that he is aligned with the Sect, a mysterious anarchic organization.

And speaking of anarchic organizations, here we a Sect trooper (from Mantic). Very basic paint job.

And last, the scum of the galaxy, a fully fledged, ugly as hell pirate! He has been exposed to "the Madness" once too often and has been mutated slightly by its warping effects. Hmmmhmhm..... You will hear more about "the Madness" later on...

 And here we all are, the entire crew (so far) of the Kirilean. Note that they are in two completely different scales, 1/270 and 1/48-64 scale.

Hopefully I shall be painting many more in the near future. Mwhahah! Let the galaxy buuuurn!

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