Wednesday, 6 January 2016

 Sack of loot 1/3 And Hobbius Butterflyicus

So, much to my delight, yesterday the stuff I ordered from GW finally arrived! There just seemed to be a problem with UPS, so that's why it took so long.

So, a Nurgle Sorcerer, four chaos warriors, four drunken dwarves, three clansmen of Lamedon and ten chaos familiars. Should be  fun painting up. The clansmen I'm going to be using in both my lotr games and oldhammer. I've always wanted a few clansmen and now I have then. Hurrah!

No, speaking of lotr and oldhammer, let me tell you about the woes of a hobby butterfly.

First off, I believe this dread disease is far more widespread than one at first thinks. So, if you are reading this, and you, yourself have been diagnosed with Hobbius Butterflyicus then my thoughts are with you, and all I can say is: I feel you, bro...

Now, what are the symptoms of a hobby butterfly?

1. You have a multitude of different projects lingering around the place just waiting for that one burst of inspiration.

2. You have miniatures from either multiple different ranges or ( and this is a lesser degree of Hobby Butterflyness) you have multiple different races from a single range. Or, most dreaded of all, you have multiple different races in multiple different scales from multiple different producers.

3. You have tons of wonderful ideas for different projects, and, just as soon as you start one, another one seems to take priority.

4. You seem to be inspired by everything and want to collect everything, so that, by the time you are around three-thousand-four-hundred-and-ninety-two, you might,  just possibly have EVERYTHING. And then you can get on with life, being satisfied that whatever project you choose next, you will have a couple of hundred miniatures ready to be utilized.

5. (Please note this does not relate to all hobby butterflies). You gaze in wonder at the people who seem to collect only one or two races and have huge collections of lovingly painted armies, and you wonder, what am I doing wrong? ^

6. In essence, you can't seem to find your niche in the hobby world, quite probably because your niche is everything!

Now, if you can relate to any of the above, you might just have a hint of Hobbius Betterflyicus  your system. If you can relate to all of them, like me, and can even now think up even more symptoms, then you definitely have it.

Now, to the point. I lament, yes I do. I think the longest I have spent fixated one project was around three months. Then I read an interesting blogpost, or happen to come across something in the shop and Boom! I'm lost. Yes, I very much envy,admire and aspire to emulate those people who can stick to one range or game, or even producer! If you can stick to one theme longer than six months you have my admiration.

Now, I have spotted a cycle in my madness. And the cycle goes thusly. Fantasy. Historical/LOTR(I class lotr as historical). Sci-fi. Repeat. It can take a whole year for the cycle to complete but it does. I always end up going back to lotr and I always end up going back to high fantasy stuff. I'm getting better at sci-fi but X-Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiioooooooooo0o0o0ngs....

This makes me gloomy.

So I think I will just pop off to the shop to buy some more X-Wing stuff. Oh, wait, I spent all my money on oldhammer and lotr stuff. Oh well, better go importune some relatives for charity!


Instead, I think I shall go make tea. My favourite type of tea is Earl Grey. What is yours?


  1. Is it Hobbius Butterflyicus or Hobby Betterflyicus? I suspect a Freudian slip in there???? ;)

  2. Wow Joshi! Ur stuff has arrived finally. Love ur loving Sister