Friday, 12 February 2016

Battle for Newblüdfendorf

So, after doing a hasty rules write up, I set out to test them. The basic concept is fine, I just need to do some more work on them.

This battle was between the pestilent followers of the Mad God Byle and the Kingdom village of Newblüdfendorf.

The Kingdom forces had one turn to prepare, yet they were still woefully far away from a battle line.

Some plague zombies lurching forward.

The Byle sorcerer, Slet Vorskin and his ratman familiar, Zet Sawskin.

Pestulent Retch leads the charge against the enemies centre, along with two more zombies and a familiar.

And finally, three ratmen on the left flank.

The battle begins with some lucky shooting from a Kingdom handgunner, who wounded Slet

Yet this only angered the plagued sorcerer, who cast back a cloud of buzzing plague into the handgunner, killing him.

Meanwhile in the centre, Pestulent and his familiar bring down Donald, but the beastman takes a wound in the process.

The Road Warden tries his luck next and is also defeated.

Finally, the towns militia have rallied and now bravely advance towards the bloodied beastman.

Meanwhile, a soldier, a priest and a drunken dwarf turn five zombies into some rather rancid mincemeat.

To my sincere surprise, Pestulent was finallu put down by a lowly peasant, although the brave soul took a nasty cut in the process.

Meanwhile the zombie slaying threesome on the right flank move to engage Vorskin.

Who promptly dies.

And the last remaining zombies trade their unlife for the lives of two more villagers.

The survivors huddle around the barn/church in the aftermath. Reduced but alive.

The machinations of Byle are thwarted! But for how long...

Anyway, before I take my leave this evening, I would like to just apologize for the lack of posts recently. My hobby is at a low at the moment (too much school methinks).

Hopefully I will get some more stuff done this weekend.

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