Monday, 29 February 2016

Progress and Anti-Progress

So, I had a wonderful surprise this morning, and what was the most surprising part you may ask? I was surprised! I am hardly ever surprised, but this, I absolutely didn't expect.

So, now I am the new owner of a book that I didn't even know existed?

Anyway, it is fantastic, and now it can be added to my growing Tolkien library...

Now, according to the heading, I have made some progress as well as anti-progress. Well, lets get the worst over and done with.

My charming dog pulled a table cloth from a table which resulted in the very loud noise of a kilogram or two of lead smashing into nice wooden floor. Goodbye ogres!

The damage was bad, but not as bad as it could have been... I like metal, but sometimes plastic is just a little bit more survivable (not to mention cheaper!).

That aside, I made a little progress. Here is another svenska man of House Goldenroy.

Followed by a mantic skelly, the first skeleton I have ever painted.

And, woohoo! Three goblin town goblins! They are not green, but muddy pink. This is because, according to my own theory about orcs, orc skin gets darker the more it is in the sun. These slaves spend most of their time deep underground and so see very little natural light. They are also, of course, too cowardly to go up into the light!

Now, their paintjobs are abominable, and it just makes them ugly as a goblin, BUT, I don't really mind as they are just there to die, and they are better than grey plastic. Also, they are cheap, ugly SNAGA! They may rot in goblin hell for all I care, but at least they can go slathered in a 1:1 mix of paint and wash!

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