Tuesday, 23 February 2016

A New Hope (and we are not talking about x-wing here, or anything Star Wars related)

After thinking deeply and considering all my options I have decided to paint something different. Well, different colours that is. So, after painting lots of green and yellow, I decided to take a leap of faith and dive into a completely new direction. Yes, you guessed it. Blue and yellow.

Why blue? Its a nice colour and I have a blue wash, so yeah.
Why yellow? Just don't ask. It has to have yellow in it. Yellow is the best colour to paint with. If I could paint every miniature I owned pure yellow I wouldn't because it would look awful. But I have been tempted.

So, without further ado, may I present, Adolf Goldroy of the Goldroy family.

And Applejon his diminutive pet wizard. Despite having a tail?! Applejon is still human, just rather small. Seems to be a side affect of being a wizard. Puts me in mind of another small wizard that I've painted. hmm. Better not start a trend. Anyway, I like my paint yellow and my wizards small!

And finally two dour unhappy Goldenroy guards. Yes, the Goldenroys are that rich that they can afford personal guards in blue and yellow. With halberds... in case that means anything to you?

Otherwise, I have been moping around, considering writing rules so that I can play yonder game.

But nah, I'll put it off for another week.

But other than that, I have forged ahead with some more goblins for lotr! That explains the large writing up top. Because the fact that I am drifting back towards lotr gives me hope.

Yours truly,

Very busy trying to get some more painting done,



  1. You have upped the ante when it comes to painting! Looks really nice. Also, blue and yellow, the colour of good ol' Sverige ;)

    1. Thank you, and the Swedish colours where semi unintentional. But they look nice, in fantasy wargaming... hehe