Thursday, 4 February 2016

Sack of Loot 3/3

Yipee! My last Christmas present has arrived!

Six handgunners, six peasants, five beastmen and a chaos hound from wargames foundry!

I think this might inspire me to paint some more oldhammeresque stuff! I already have some plans...

Other than that, here is a chaos spawn that I converted out of a mantic zombie. Second paintjob... first I was just messing around and wasting paint. I like the fleshy look of his face, like all the orifices have mutated over.

Aaaaand, last, I have treated myself to getting some sculpting tools at last!

Like last year, I am determined to teach myself how to basically sculpt. Very basically... ;)

So how's life? Hmm, hectic... School is baie (Afrikaans for very) intense. Loooot of work. :( I'm lucky if I am able to paint anything in a day. Not even complete. Just put brush to lead or plastic.

ya, ya, ya...

So. I have been thinking. Yes, amazing as that is, what is more amazing is what I am thinking about. And I am thinking about why painting miniatures for me is so enjoyable. Now first off, when I was younger, I didn't paint anything! Or hardly anything. There was no time to! Any spare time was spent actually playing with the miniatures! But then I began to paint stuff here and there, and then I began blogging. And now I refuse to play with an unpainted miniature. Just look at what the internet does to you!

So, what changed. First, I am now rewarded for painting miniatures by being able to share them on this here blog. It gives a very definite sense of satisfaction to finish a miniature, and put it out there. It completes something somehow. Even if the painted mini is crap... ;) Then I can pretend the lighting was bad or that the cast wasn't good or that I'm still learning. hehe.

Anyway, I take joy in painting because one it is like bringing life to dead plastic/lead. Also, I often find it very relaxing to forget about everything else and just focus on the miniature. I find myself making up numerous backgrounds for the model that I am painting, or if he is a character, I think up who his family are, what connections he has, how wealthy is he. I think off all the future engagements the model will fight in. Its quite fun. And then its done. And I blog it.

So, if your reading this, please enlighten me  about what you think about when you paint. I would be really interested, actually.


See ya.

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