Thursday, 17 September 2015

Goblins, Trolls and an Elven King

So, not much to report. . .

There is lots to report. Little relevance. Much relevance. So on.

Anyways! I am still in the process of painting goblins which is boring and takes too long and is repetitive and so on.

Then, I made a judgment call and lobbed my Great Goblin into a unit of trolls. He is a big fellow. Too big to be a goblin. So now he is a troll. An unpainted troll. He shall be painted aaaany day now. Any day now...

I did not tell the whole truth. He is partially painted. I began painting him as a big pink jelly like in the movie. Soon he will be dark greyish and luverly.

As well as all this incredibly interesting stuff I am in the process of making a very important deal with a very important Llama. Hopefully once said deal is done I shall be the proud new owner of Thranduil on Elk by Llama himself. A brilliant miniature which I prefer by far to the GW variant. Looking forward to it.

Anyway, that's all for now.

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