Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Build Me A Boat Worthy Of Mordor

So, spontaneously I have began a new project. Call it a side project. :)

I have been meaning to do a battle for Osgiliath for a long time now. It has always captured my imagination and I loved the scenes from the movie. However, I have never actually got around to making any progress with it.

This morning I was just checking on any updates on some other peoples blogs when I was inspired by Llama at He inspired me to make a boat. :) Or a barge. Raft. Thing. Anyway, I don't have the patience (or putty (or skill) ) to actually sculpt my barge so I made it out of these, I don't know the word for them. Lolilpop sticks perhaps?

Anyway, here are the WIP pictures.

Apologies for the multi array of colours. They were what I had so I had to make do.

It's not the best but it is serviceable for me. You can see this from the picture but the ramp is slightly tilted up.
That's all for the moment. As I have said this is still very WIP and not at all finished.
I will post more once I have done more. :)

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