Wednesday, 30 September 2015

How Much I Miss Available Internet

The heading says it all. I have purchased an hours worth of internet so that I don't go crazy and so that I can check up on everybody's blogs!

It was a relatively long drive -- 15 hours and I died a couple of times along the way and had to be revived with liquorice. Fun.

Anyway, it was horrible and sunny the first day. Now it is rainy and overcast and grey and luverly!

Anyway. Not much miniature stuff. I've played a few games of SBG and began painting both a Carthaginian and a GW Gondorian.

So that's all of my very interesting post. Maybe I'll do something else, maybe I wont.


Ps: I am reading the newest Robin Hobb, Fools Quest? I am really enjoying it and commend all her books to anyone out there reading this.


  1. Perhaps you do not want to state where you are, but still: Where is this? Somewhere in South America? Africa?

  2. Africa. South Africa. Eastern Cape. Morgan's Bay..... Nice place :) although its getting a little sunnier sadly...

    1. Yes, I was suspecting it was in SA, but as I am myself very reluctant to share my identity, I thought it better to be subtle in "outing" your geographical position! I shall have to google Cpt. Morgan's (Rum) Bay! ;)