Thursday, 17 September 2015

Troll is Done!

So, after posting the picture of my pink blubbermonster great goblin wannabe troll a couple of hours ago, and stating that I would paint him any day now I surprised myself and mustered up the energy. The pics are as follows.

And the whole band of merry trolls. :)

I really enjoyed painting up this last one, although I struggled a bit. Anyway, I am content now that I have done my bit to further my hobby for the day.

On a last note, Llama confirms that the Thranduil model is on the way! I'm very excited. Its like Christmas and your birthday at the same time. But different. Such an awesome miniature. I'm a little bit hyper about it. I am sorry. ;)

That's all for today good people. Goodnight.


  1. Looking good - the Goblin King funnily enough works nice enough with the LotR-range trolls. I have been struggling myself with the colour-scheme of that model and am not really content with it. I should probably darken him some more, as you did...

    Thanks for the shout out ;D

  2. It was a pleasure! He does fit pretty well scale-wise and although he looks different from my cave trolls I don't mind. I rather like the diversity. He adds a bit of flare to the regiment, methinks.

    Thanks as always. :)