Thursday, 24 December 2015

Merry Christmas Eve and all that STUFF

Hello everybody! It is Chrisamusamas! Or almost. I get most of my stuff on Christmas eve anyway, or at least (in this years case due to my orders from GW and Foundry not arriving yet) by January the 31st, hopefully.

So, to celebrate Christmas, I have played a game (against myself, like most of my games ( if you live in Cape Town, SA and like fantasy wargaming please tell meeeee!) ). Well, actually, it was to celebrate painting more miniatures, because I endure Christmas, rather than celebrate it...

So, the batrep is as follows...

Hepplethwaite was thirsty. And all there was to drink in the forest was damned river water! Disgusting. So it was no surprise that when his spies reported that a keg of dwarven ale had been deposited at the nearest fort, he immediately summoned the warband. They all agreed that ale was better than water and Erik secretly hoped that Hepplethwaite would disgrace himself again so that he could challenge the ogre again.

Now, the fort's garrison was made up of a motely crew. An ogre, a spearman and three handgunners. Added to this was mister Veladaunt, a mercenary captain (hero lvl 10) and three pikemen, who were just visiting (obviously after the ale). It was to their great surprise and dismay that a shrieking warband of Slannesh appeared stampeding through the forest.

Hepplethwaite tactically bellowed a charge (he did everything tactically because he was the leader of the warband, and because having two heads, he believed he had twice the brainpower). However, Erik, disobeying the ogre's orders rode off as fast as his steed could gallop off around the side of the fort.

Muskets cracked, but none found their mark.

The second volley, being at closer range did more damage, felling a beastman.

Seeing the danger in being outflanked by the chaos champion, Veladaunt left his men and began to make his way to confront Erik.

With a great crash, Hepplethwaite barged into Donald, the empire ogre, however neither were able to pierce the other's defenses.

Veladaunt's men swallowed and braced their pikes as the beastmen neared.

The line crashed together and a beastman swung his great axe over the wall, beheading a pikeman.

Meanwhile, Erik made short work of the solitary spearman guarding his entry point of choice.

The battle was in full swing now, with Donald taking a whopping blow to the chest that nearly forced him to his knees. The pikemen were just holding on, yet they were pushed back and the beastmen leaped the wall to follow them.

In a moment of glory, Donald lops two fingers off Hepplethwaite's armoured hand.

Veladaunt and Erik glare at each other as the beastmen finish off the pikemen in the background.

Mission successful! The beastmen capture the ale!

With a roar, Erik launches himself at Veladaunt.

Yet the grizzled mercenary captain parries Erik's blows with his knife while hammering down on the Chaos champion's armoured head with his hammer, stunning him.

Finally, now angry at the loss of his fingers, Hepplethwaite beats Donald down into the dirt.

The three handgunners, sensing danger withdrew to a safer distance and began offloading their weapons into the ogre, to little effect.

The beastmen charged Veladaunt in the pack, shocking the Captain who stumbled back. Erik took his chance and slashed down with his axe, cutting into Veladaunt's face and blinding one eye.

Finally he is beaten down and left for dead.

While at the same time Hepplethwaite bares down on the handgunner like a giant pink two headed... well, ogre.

His opponents flee and are sent flying with a bash from his mace. The day (and the dwarven ale!) belonged to the followers of Chaos!

Well, it was one sided but fun. Veldaunt survived and returned to the nearby village of Kalitzdorf to rally more troops. Most of the human forces did not, in fact die in this game. They were just wounded or knocked out and where taken by the followers of Slannesh to be sacrificed.

So, on to more fun stuff!

One part of our postal system seemed to be working as Llama's ent arrived. It is magnificent! And huge! Check out the pic below to see the scale! Its wonderful!

I was very tempted to paint it up right away, but I plan to get a mold made for it and have a few cast up in 2016 so I refrained from doing anything drastic like painting it!

Last of all, a pic of my hand, after I played with my cat. Note this was after I washed off the blood. So fun!

Merry Christmas!

love you all and good night!


  1. It's a big bugger :D Also, tell your cat to behave, for God's sake!

  2. Can't say Happy Christmas to you because it's not a holiday you care for ... so Happy Christmas Present Day to you. Hope they all arrive soon!!