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Oldhammer Batrep: Battle for Kalitzdorf

Here follows a long, long, long, winding battrep of my biggest oldhammer game yet.

My virtuous opponent, commander of the empire forces, Bellasaurus Rex. Well, not really. I played against my mother, but our dog was watching most of the game!

Victory went to the one with the most VP at the end of the game, or until one side surrenders.

Chaos would get a VC for killing Veladaunt, for killing Frank, for killing Edward and Donald, for killing the Royal Guard, for killing the handgunners, and last of all for finding the Mouseling (little skaven) who was hiding by the barn. To find the Mouseling, one needed to be within 3" and roll a 5 or 6 on a d6.

Empire would get a VC for killing Hepplethwaite, for killing Erik, for killing Pestulent Retch, for killing the beastmen, for killing the skaven, and for capturing the ale at the tavern.

So, here is the table, all set out. The village of Kalitzdorf.

In this battle, the forces of Nurgle and the followers of Slannesh joined forces to attack the small empire village.

The Nurgle forces were made up of Pestulent Retch and three skaven.

Edward (a lvl 5 hero) and Donald, the ogre defended the village.

While three handgunners guarded the village's only tavern.

 In the shadows of the forest, Hepplethwaite's warband lurked in wait, ready to ambush the soon to arrive empire road patrol.

And here they are, Frank, the Road Wardens (lvl 10 hero), Captain Veladaunt  (lvl 10 hero) and 8 Royal Guard of Blüdfendorf (humans in heavy armour with pikes).

Now, time for another pic of one of our dogs, eating one of our rabbit's carrots.

So, I took command of the forces of Chaos, while my mother took command of the forces of the Empire. So, I started out by charging Hepplethwaite straight into the pikemen, scoring first blood.

Meanwhile Erik spurred his steed forward, toward the tavern and the beastmen strode towards the two Empire heroes.

The skaven began to assault the tower in which Edward was hiding while Donald made a bee line towards where the Mouseling was hiding.

Down in the forest, Frank charged Hepplethwaite in the flank who panicked and fled and was cut down by free hack.

Veladaunt charged into the beastmen in an attempt to slow their advance and managed to kill one off.

However, Erik quickly seized the initiative and took command of the warband. He promptly charged Veladaunt who backed away before the Chaos champion's onslaught and was in turn ridden down and slaughtered.

He needed to save three 5+ armour saves and he got two fives and a four. Facepalm.

Having finished with the ogre, the men of the Empire turned to face the followers of Slannesh.

Up in the village, Donald began to dig furiously through the bushes to find the Mouseling. He could hear frantic squeaking  but couldn't find a thing.

Pestulent now joined his followers in hacking away at the tower.

Back to the forest, the beastmen slaughtered two more Royal Guard while Erik and Frank exchanged blows.

Back in the Chaos turn, the beastmen slew another warrior of the Empire, while they struck back and wounded a beastmen in turn. Frank smashed his hammer into Erik who took a wound for no retaliation.

Donald still can't find the Mouseling. The bushes seem to be getting larger and thicker to his addled brain.

Now, Frank hammered down two more blows I thought Erik was gone for good this time. But very luckily I managed his saves and the resulting wardance frightened my sister's rabbit and making my dogs bark madly.

The beastmen, infuriated by their champion's failure to harm the Road Warden, struck down two more Royal Guard. They wavered but held firm despite the odds.

Yes, Donald carried on looking for the Mouseling, to little avail. Now is it just me, or is that bush getting bigger.

Yet again, I save another blow aimed at Erik. Just.

Hmm, I don't know why but my dogs seem to be obsessed with carrots. Now the Bellasaurus is eating the bunnies chow too!

Finally, Donald gives up on the Mouseling and receives a charge from Pestulent. The three skaven come under fire from the handgunners and one falls writhing on the ground.

Donald and Pestulent exchange blows, Donald takes two wounds and Pestulent, one.

Finally, and tragically, Erik falls to the Road Warden's Warhammer.

Donald gets charged in the flank by the skaven and flees, miraculously surviving the freehack. The two skaven turn and charge Edward (who I like to call the MiniHero, because in all the games I've played so far, he has been useless). Turns out, he's not as useless as I thought. In fact he killed both his skaven attackers. He is definitely getting a level up.

Finally, the beastmen killed off the last of the Royal Guard and turned on Frank. He managed to finish off one of them, but their double handed weapons and weight in numbers brought them victory over the Empire hero. He also did really well this game, killing both Hepplethwaite and Erik. Also definitely getting a level up.

Bawling out a challenge, Donald rallied and went charging into Pestulent, killing him.

And with that the beastmen gave up the battle, turning and fleeing back into the woods.

Total points: Empire 4, Chaos 3.

With the battle over, the battered defenders of Kalitzdorf congregated at the village centre. They all blew out a collective sigh of relief.

Edward led the handgunners off to the tavern to get a drink of nice, cold ale.

Meanwhile Donald went back to looking for that damned Mouseling!

After a few more minutes spent beating around the bush so to speak, he uncovered the little ratty creature. He felt vindicated. He had not been imagining that squeaking sound. It was the proudest moment of his life!

Now, I shall give you, the reader, a limited edition view into Donald's mind. You see, the below is what Donald saw.

Whereas this is what it actually looked like. Ogres aren't the brightest!

Anywho, that was fun! Really fun! I am starting to get the hang of 3rd. Now all I need to do is work out the casualties and move on!

One last thing. I might have won (might) a Realm of Chaos Bloodthirster on Ebay, still in its blister, sealed, for around 20 pounds! Which was pretty fun as well. Anyway,


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  1. Forgot to mention my Royal Guard - hopeless at attack and defence (1s being the most common roll) but they were awesome at remaining cool under pressure. Even when there was only one guard left, he didn't lose it and remained standing ... until he was killed, that is! :)