Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Warbands Batrep

So today I played three games, but I only took pictures of the last one. Sadly, this last one was relatively short due to a very unlucky roll of six which I shall tell you more about down below.

So this is pretty much the layout of the battlefield. I used all the painted miniatures that I have based for this rule system, splitting the almänne between Ottemark and Thule.

So below in the bottom right corner you can see my commanded shot deployed already. All units start off the board, but as the commanded shotte are skirmishers they can deploy 6" in which is often quite helpful.

So skip forward three turns, and here you can see a unit of brave Ottemarke cavalry courageously charging into combat.

However, they failed to reach their opponents with their charge and were forced to take a bravery test. Now, on a D6, the only way they could fail was to roll a 6. And they did. And fled.

Much to the general amusement of the Thulaean dragoons and commanded shotte, who promptly opened fire with a deadly volley.

Killing two horsies.

Fourth turn looms and the Thulaeans manage to activate both their dragoons and CS before the poor Ottemarke cavalry had a chance to rally (which wouldn't have done them any good) or to flee further (which also, come to think of it, would not do them any good :D ).

And sadly folks, that is where we finished it, the general consensus being that a couple of almänne wouldn't survive walking through the killing field right into Thulaean guns.

But anyway, I hope you somewhat enjoyed this convoluted piece of text. A lot more will follow, in better detail and quality may I add. I am currently busy painting some Ottemarke pike men which I shall post pictures of the moment they are done.

Oh, and just by the by. You've probably noticed that I have upped the ante on the regularity on posts. I am doing this as a "social experiment". Naaah, who am I bullshitting. I'm doing it because I'm lazy and because llama likes it. And as long as the grandmaster is pleased, the rest of you should be also...


But anyway,


Until we next do meet.

And good evening!


  1. Second game ever playing this side ... and I ask my esteemed advisor, what's the risk of trying to attack? Very low, he answers. If you don't reach us, only the roll of a 6 will land you in trouble. I think, what are the chances of that - I'll go for it, not play it safe (which is what I usually do!). I should have guessed that Murphey's Law would apply: when you don't want a 6, you'll definitely get one!! :)

  2. Nyeees I am indeed pleased... :)