Friday, 22 April 2016


So today was a good day! It was one of those days when it is raining nicely, and you are warm inside, and you don't feel like ruining the positive vibe by doing anything, be it productive or not so.

Therefore, I have surprised myself by managing another two Paelskii. :D

And you know what? I quite like them!


Still two to four more to go, and then back to pikemen and then after that some Ottemarke and Thulaean Shotte and then some Paelskii Shotte and by then it will be Christmas and I will be ordering in a whole wad of polish winged cavalry and other stuff to begin a polish army. But first, swedes and danes, more correctly known as Thulaeans and Ottemarkers. Hehe

But anyway, I hope you enjoyed this brief brief (brief meaning letter in Afrikaans)...

Good night!


  1. Jou Poolse huursoldate lyk verskriklik aantreklik, maar ek het nog Deense soldate nodig sodat ek my wraak op jou kan neem! ;)

    1. hehe, ek kan nie Afrikaans praat nie! Ek is jammer maar ek kan nie verstaan wat jy se... :D