Tuesday, 12 April 2016

The project continues

So, as time passes (yeah right -- its only been one day!) I begin to feel the painting itch again. Now, I enjoy painting -- not as much as some people -- I don't spend thaaat much time on individual models -- but I like painting.

And strangely enough I really enjoy painting civilian miniatures?! It weird, but I have a thing for civilians wondering around my battlefields. But anyway, I decided I wanted some wealthy-ish civilians for my upcoming games, to be used for objective markers and stuff, or to be kidnapped by opposing forces.

So first off we have this fine lady who was really very fun to paint. I've been wanting to paint her for a while and now I have.

And her spouse? Perhaps, however that is to be determined sometime in the future. Perhaps her son.

He was also a very enjoyable paint -- more so even than the matronly women above.


However, I was relatively productive, and managed to get some combatants done, adding to my unit of commanded shotte.

And to my peasant forces.


  1. Any names for your civilians?

  2. Yes she looks like a Gertrude but I think you must spell Thomas like this: Tomas!!