Thursday, 21 April 2016

Polish Mercenaries and Pike

So other than being an utter sloth today, I managed to get two pikemen that I had been putting off doing-- done.
They are for Ottemark and hopefully more will follow in the next few days.

And now we get on to the good stuff.

So last night I began to dream up a new faction for the war that I will soon be playing. Poland, aka Paelsk. Now, I only expect to properly get going on them in a few months time. By June perhaps. But anyway, there I was, lying in bed, thinking...

Thinking about Paelsk...

So after laboriously slogging through the pikemen above, I became inspired as I came across a sprue of Gripping Beast dark ages warriors. Only two out of the five guys on the sprue were convertible but hey, it got me started off. Soon after another six pike n' shotte minis were converted into Paelsk Forlorn Hope. Just need to paint them now.

So anyway, below is my progress so far. Just the two of them...

Until I have more Paelskii units completed I wont bother writing particular rules for them yet. So for now, I will either be using them as mercenary Forlorn Hope or as private contractors to fill up dragoon units that have taken casualties during the campaign.

That's all for now...

I'll be back again most likely tomorrow.

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