Monday, 18 April 2016

One day till D-Day

I almost didn't make this post, but I have prevailed over the schooling system and prevailed despite all the odds against me!  So, onwards!

Tomorrow is the day when I shall really begin testing my rules. Its the last day of exams and my birthday to boot! So progress has been made despite the schooling systems best efforts.

So only two more Ottermarke cavalry to go until I've met my goal. I have tomorrow morning +1 hour in which to finish them, which should be manageable

And happily, I've finished the last two bloody dragoons for now. Gods, but I will not miss painting these! They were simply a nightmare, but it feels good to have them done!

In my rule system which is based on fantasy 17th century European warfare, dragoon units are made up half of infantry and half of cavalry. They move slightly faster than infantry but slightly slower than cavalry, where the infantry run a little faster, and the cavalry gallop a little slower.

We will have to see how it works out tomorrow.


  1. Finally - you can now be a man of leisure for a while! And happy birthday. :) Looking forward to seeing what you create in the next two weeks - and what you manage to put in those green boxes I gave you. ;)

  2. Is your big day this weekend? I thought it was later in spring? Huzzah for you if that's the case! I have finally gotten a parcel sent to you - it doesn't contain a full Iron Hills Wagon, but some other (kinda crappy) stuff ;) but still, its something... Better things will follow

    Anyways, very nice painting on the models, again, you have really upped your game. Also, I think I might to postpone the hobby meet to Sunday; I have gotten a not-so-sexy fever and calling in sick is NOT an option (the foreman specifically said: "If you call in sick, you are not welcome back ever again!"

    So, Saturday might be used for resting up as I am running on fumes and painkillers ATM. Lol... the simple life of a Prole ;)


    1. Actually it was yesterday. Still, looking forward to our little chat on sunday. And as we say in Afrikaans, Sterkte! Meaning roughly stay strong.