Monday, 4 April 2016

More Germans

Well, despite studying -- I manage quite well to fit some painting time ( I was, in fact, basing a German Officer this very morning at half past six... while waiting for the shower to be vacated...).

So anyway, I was thinking... You know what? Its time I gave this blog some love. So I purchased bloody Google AdWords for publicity, I started a YouTube channel publishing my efforts, and you know what, from now on I'm going to grind out quality content ever single day!

(A little disclaimer -- none of the above happened or is going to happen in the immediate foreseeable future...)

But hey, this will be a relatively long post filled with junk...

So lets start it off with a positive learning experience: Halftrack

So there was way too much rust on the halftrack previously, so after careful deliberation and much sighing, I eventually painted on.

This is officially the first vehicle I have ever, and I really mean EVER, painted. And it turned out alright, if a little too green to be historically accurate. But then again, I never am historically accurate (except in my history exam...).

And next up comes our dear lord and savior, the "boss". The commander of my Swedish SS corps. (Should that be SSS?). And again, I know, too much green, and way too much blue, but... I like it.

The Swedish Germans, or German Swedes so far:

And now, you might know that I mainly focus on fantasy and sci-fi. So I feel I need to explain this sudden delving into historics. Well, this is the reason:

I am desperate! I need something new, something fresh, something... Fascist? No! But I do need a break from all the fantasy. Gods know that from the end of April I will be back with it with a large order of Warlord Games pike and shotte stuff (over three hundred minis to be slightly more exact).

But still, the answer in truth, and in all sincerity, is that  really, I have so many projects going on at the same time, I may as well paint a few Germans, and one day, in the grim darkness of the far future, a place where there is only war... I will finally have collected EVERYTHING!

 And yes mom, I get the message that I need to be a little more tidy, and stop the dreaded "spread", but really, this was a slight overreaction, just a little... Hehe... Never! Give me more boxes, I need more boxes, I want more boxes! Why, I certainly don't have enough here... Or do I? ............................................................................(Illuminati Confirmed | What is the meaning of life | what is the cube route of 47.5 | Give me cyanide | So many questions, so few answers...)

Wow... I am seriously doubting my sanity right now. Hehe.

But anyway guys, to conclude and/or sum up this little convoluted package of love, happiness and cyanide  I will hopefully begin upping the ante on posts, which I know I have been a little lax on of late.

And thank you to all you strangers out there who occasionally wonder out onto the vague open wasteland that I call my blog... Hehe.

Good night,



  1. How could I have missed this update? Lookin' hot man!

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