Thursday, 14 April 2016

Finally Finished

So according to my tracking, my parcel from Warlord Games should have arrived today, however there was a mishap when it came to receiving the package as the builders at our new house didn't sign off for it like they were supposed to...

But anyway, after a few phone calls, everything is back on track and I should be receiving it tomorrow afternoon right after my exam.

So today I was frantic to finish up my commanded shotte and almänne as I wanted to be able to fully focus of the new stuff when it arrived. So other than studying history the whole day, I actually managed to reach my target and finished what needed to be finished.

I also managed to slip in two quick playtest games just to find some loopholes in the rules which where promptly sorted out. Progress.

So hear is the project so far...

Now they are all nicely packed up in boxes and ready to move.

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