Saturday, 2 April 2016

Finally back at it again...

Hello guys, finally I am back at painting and buying random stuff and today will be all about bolt action!?

I started off by building an officer and two accompanying "Dudes". Below is the officer in the foreground with the second dude behind him.

I also ended up making a halftrack -- and partially painting it. Below is a WIP.

And finally, my only completed miniature of the month, an average "dude".

I decided to play germans for the hell of it, they also look nice or in a more refined manner, are aesthetically pleasing...

And why the blue hats? Well, there is a story behind this as there is with many things I do. These here germans are actually Swedes?! Now I know you are thinking "but the Swedes were neutral?", because I am psychic. 

But anyway, these are a bunch of fascist Swedes who smuggled themselves out on an iron ore barge heading for Germany during WW2 and they promptly enlisted. They were, however issued blue caps to notify any enemy snipers of their position as well as marking them out as Swedes and not Germans for some reason.

Anyway, I apologize for lateness of this post. But after exams comes holiday... and so hopefully I will be more productive... although I will be in the process of moving houses... but anyway... hehe.


  1. Is that the halftrack I watched you paint live?!


    1. hehe- yep, I still need to de-rust it a little...