Sunday, 6 March 2016

Dabbling's in Necromancy

Finally! A semi productive weekend! I have actually painted something. Or some things to be exact.

First off we have another D6 undead. And oh how I have plans for them, mwahaha!.

Anyway, these fleshy, gooey chaps were incredibly simple to paint. I just found six zombies that I had undercoated around a year ago, drybrushed flesh on and then just washed away as is my want to do.

And next up we have this ugly piece of work. Don't really like the miniature. But it is perfect for my purposes, which are, of course, ugly peasant.

And last off, my pride and joy! I found him in my lead pile. Anyway, another Swede shoved roughly into the grim world of fantasy. I hope he makes it...

So thus was the Goldenroy warband completed! Mostly.

And more! There is more! And unexpected present!

And what an excellent present it was! Up until now, I didn't even know this book existed! The English is old fashioned, just the way I like it, and the story is slightly convoluted, which keeps me concentrated. I believe it is some sort of forerunner to the Children of Hurin. Anyway, I shall enjoy reading it and adding it to my slowly growing Tolkien Library, hehe.


  1. Wut? Never heard of that one... ? :/ Looks interesting.

    1. Hmm, it is. Sadly however, Tolkien didn't finish writing it, so they just tell you what happened at the end. Still worth owning though. One can really see how the Children of Hurin developed through this story.