Thursday, 26 November 2015

Wot, Not Dead?

No, I am not dead. I say this because this is the longest length of time that I have not blogged. Ever.

This is the only reason why I am posting this. Because I feel bad. And embarrassed. Consider this the calm before the storm. Holidays are coming up and Christmas. And a wad of Foundry miniatures are on the way. Many games shall be played!

Aaaaand, I bid(ded?)-(bade?) on a warhammer 3rd edition going cheaply when what do you know, bobs your uncle, yours truly, love Joshua, the bast@rd cancelled in the last seven hours! how could he? I mean really!

Still, I digress... (yes Llama, I can also digress when I truly need to).

So, in this blogs heading, it says something about writing. So, I shall (soon) post some mantic games inspired writing that I did awhile ago.

Anyway, I have to go watch a Greek Tragedy.

See you soon
Love Joshua
Happy Easter.


  1. Looking forward to all of this! :D

    1. Hopefully I can get some pics up soon, yet it seems to be that I have misplaced my camera. So updates come once I have torn the house apart looking for it.