Monday, 30 November 2015

In summer time when the weather is fine...

Summer reigns supreme down here in good old SA and all is fine in the world of Joshua except for the weather which is hot. Oppressively so. Anyways, now on holiday, and I have found my camera!
So all is good and happy as it should be.

And here are some pics of what I have been doing (not much) while I was away.

Our first contender is the green n' gold springbok empire mercenary ogre. He was a real mess when I started and I spent more time on him than usual. Still, he turned out ok.

And a Slanneshi beastman. This was also a pain in the rear to paint. You are seeing the third repaint here. You are spared the horror. I was not.

The two warbands as they stand at the moment. I have had fun with them. The Warhammer world amuses me, so I retire there whenever I serious stuff (like lotr) gets me down.

Talking of serious stuff. I am tidying my dump. Or should that be table? I haven't seen it in a few months so I'm not sure it is still there. Only time will tell.

Also, I got my act together and painted four more shields to finish off my snaga project (for now ;D). I finally got round to it, as I have been avoiding it at all costs.

Now, my writing that I promised is being edited and shall arrive shortly. Promise. It will happen aaany day now. :)

And, I have been making lots of warhammer scenarios which I shall share as batreps soon. There will be lots of these to come.
One of these crossed my mind when I came across the "scary santas" at wargames foundry today . I was thinking of getting them and using them as the servants of one of the minor chaos gods, Santa Claws! They will lead warbands of orcs and/or scarecrows across the land on Christmas, terrorizing both good men of the empire and followers of chaos alike.

Should be fun.

Anywho? I am pathetically grateful that I found my camera, as I was feeling really bad.

Well, goodbye then,

Ps) Please feel free to comment on anything, even the weather. It will be appreciated, nay, treasure. I am a desperate newbie blogger! ;D

PPs) Thankyou Llama for being a dedicated commenter, it is appreciated.

PPPs) I feel pathetic.

PPPPs) Goodbye.

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