Thursday, 15 October 2015

Update on all things orcish

Well here goes my second post of today. I have decided to make a converted orc army. With archers and close combat dudes and so on. I have been using GPB (Gripping Beast) dark ages warriors as the basis. I love this kit. I can use it in so many ways. If I had bought ten I would still be busy finding different conversions by the time I was finished. Very recommended. Anywho? I am also using bits and pieces from Mantics undead (namely zombie heads and swords) as well as some perry miniatures.

Here are some chaps which are getting shields.

My two archers ready for painting. The one on the left is a perry miniature with gs fur and the one on the right is a mix of things.

Next are four orcs. Two are snaga which have been promoted to warriors and the other two are conversions. The middle left has a breastplate and the one on the far right has a mantic skelly sword and some gs.

And may I present my impromptu sculpting tool. Facepalm. I seem to have lost my regular ones (my mothers old dissection kit :D) so here comes the improvising. Still there are worse things to sculpt with such as cotton wool, tongues and tonsils. So there is a lot to be grateful for.

And last of all my newest pride and joy with grass on it.

And with that, I take my leave. May you all fare well unto the morrow dawns...etc.

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