Saturday, 10 October 2015

Painting Stuff and Bases

Hello everybody and welcome again to the new episode of ... Nevermind.

Today I finished (finnito!) Thranduils base and I painted 2 half-orcs and the beginning of my Lamedon army. Very fun. I spent more time on painting these miniatures today because I was not 'batching' them and I was just painting what I felt like painting. If I saw a model and liked it I painted it.

Here is Thranduil on his new base.

And here is the hooded orc.

And the 'granny' orc.

And finally my captain of Lamedon.

The tree signifies his service in the Gondorian army and the crosses signify he is from Lamedon.

He is a little bit bigger than ones average Gondorian warrior and Lamedon militia boys but that's ok because he's not that much bigger and he is a commander and part of a noble family so he can be tall. At first he looked slightly Scottish with the blue and white. He is in fact a Norman. For anyone who is interested.

That is all for now. I shall not post pics of the regular half-orcs unless I manage some GS conversions.



  1. Looking good!

    You really go against the currents aren't you! What, with Warhammer going round bases, and LotR/WotR being round. I like it, though! :D

    Thranduil looks quite nice on his new base!

  2. Yes I decided to use a monster size base for him just because a cav base didn't do it justice.