Sunday, 25 October 2015

Orcs, Fencing and a Birthday

'Allo fellow blogosphere dwellers. I hope to cover many things of lesser and greater import in this post, so here goes.

1. I have decided to get my act together and force myself back into 'the hobby' by painting more converted orcs for my Dol Guldur force. Can't let the Llama Lord have all the fun. Hopefully sometime in the forthcoming weeks I shall  manage to do some more converting. I hope to have around 30 close combat orcs and maybe 10 archers (hopefully). I am also considering buying a few geebobby orcs (Games-Workshop--Anything that I write that sounds anything like that is most likely referring to said old and esteemed company). This would only be to add a bit of exciting flavor to the horde. Well, not much of a horde. Rather a gaggle really. Anywhile? I hope to get this done and posted before halfway through next month. Maybe, if I stick with it.

Please note these orcs are WIP.

2. I have finally got myself back into fencing which is a shlep? don't think this is a word. Hmm. Its my word for hassle. Well, it hasn't been that bad. I've been off for around two (2) months so I was expecting a thrashing by everyone. It turned out pretty well. Looking forward to getting back into the competitions just for fun. This has nothing to do with the hobby, this blog, or much else in fact. People I know say I am a tad egotistical. Maybe be. Maybe not. I for one do not imply anything, ever. Anywho? This is why I have written this. For those who felt the need for an explanation (myself as one of said people)*.

3. It is my sister's birthday today! Yay! This is probably my third or fourth favorite event of the year (apart from my own birthday, Christmas, and all the other times people give me unexpected gifts). Why is this? Well it is because being who I am, when my sister gets given a nice camera for her b-day, I of course think, Hey, I could use this here camera?! And when she gets given sweets/candy? not sure which one to use so I will settle on the Afrikaans word lekkers (meaning nice stuff I think meaning candy/sweets) I deviate....anyway to cut a long boring story short I eat her lekkers. :D 'Cos I can. Despicable, yet like a cool cat at the same time.
I also bought her a book that I want to read, so....  despicable. Truly. I am ashamed of myself and yet impressed with my own deviousness?

Now, back to interesting stuff that has stuff to do with the hobby stuff.

I am thinking about what I want for Christmas. This is important, no matter what anyone may think. This Christmas(note that I generally don't spell Christmas with a capitol letter but the spell check now days...) I would like to get a whole feces load(I have resolved not to swear on this blog) of miniatures so that I  can stock pile them and slowly convert them into whatever I want during the year. I am thinking of doing something different next year with my hobby cash/dollar/dough/whatever. This involves something I like to call PROJECT SUPER SECRET and will not be openly discussed here on this public sight. If it works I will share it with you later and if not I will spend all said cash dollar on miniatures so it is a win-win situation. Isn't it luverly**.

Anywhen? On to what I am thinking of getting. Hundreds of WF(wargames factory) Persians and a few of their orcs.

* When I state this I am not implying that anyone felt the need for an explanation. As always I never imply anything.

** Lovely. I know this is the proper spelling. But it sounds better as luverly.

Ps. I have also came across some D&D miniatures that I got awhile ago so now I can press gang a few spiders into my Dol Guldur army. My only problem is how to base them? Do I use cavalry bases or large monster bases? I don't know. Maybe I will do a unit base. Hmm, decisions, decisions.

Apologies for the low quality pics, I haven't got my hands on my sister's camera yet!

Goodbye, fair well,

The END.

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