Thursday, 22 October 2015

Not an Update

Hello everypeople... the title says it all. This post was created because I was bored. And I had nothing better to do. Hmm. Well, I shall present everyone with a whole load of random rubbish. I didn't want for it to get to this but it happened. There we have it. Very dramatic.
Aaaaand the first picture is the view from my window of my cabin where I live. I am a moose hunter by profession and so I live in a moose hunter's cabin. Despite what everyone believes there are plenty of mooses? or should that be meese? in South Africa so I have a busy life with lots of healthy competition in the form of lions and leopards and tigers and grizzly bears and wolves? Its a tough life, I know, but somehow I manage*. Still, for some strange reason the meese in my area are getting a bit scarce so I have to entertain myself with 28mm miniatures, thinking about entertaining myself with 28mm miniatures and rereading snatches of the LoTR. 

Here is a picture of my moose hunting territory. I also hunt snails and stick insects in this area when I run out of meese. Mwahahahaha!!**

And here is my loyal companion. A mighty moose-hunting war dog. Don't be fooled by her seemingly vacant and unintelligent expression. She is a beast both wise and cunning with many fell trick up her, collar.

And my second moose hunter. Although she hunts Bella, the first fearsome hound more than she does anything else. And the cat I suppose. And anything else. I think she has some sort of issue. She imagines things sometimes. Hmm. HMMM.


And finally more vacant unintelligent looks from Bella the Moose Hunter, Terror of Arnor, Isildur's Second Bane and so on..

She is coming for you... :)

Now that I have blurted all this out I feel much better. I admit my hounds are not the brightest and are emotionally unstable but, you know, they keep the burglars away. Well probably not but I need an excuse so that will do. They hunt meese*** and keep me safe... Hur hur hur.

Anyways. I hereby apologize deeply and humbly for this bout of randomness. It shall not happen again any time soon. With deepest regrets,


* You may decide whether I am telling the truth. While deciding please bare in mind that I live in South Africa which may or may not imply that I have ever even seen a live moose. Anywho? Freedom of speech and opinions and such.

** I do not hunt snails, nor stick insects. I was lying. I feel bad if I squash an ant. Also, this is not the view from my window or any other window. It is a photo of either Emyn Muil or the Misty Mountains.

*** I know the plural of moose is not meese. I really do. However it is my strong opinion that the plural should be changed to meese. One moose, many meese.

If anyone has read all the way to the end, I commend you for your diligence and loyalty and I feel happy in my knowledge that their might be other bored people out there? I am not implying that anyone is bored. I never imply anything.


  1. Hmmm.... I do like this post, but not sure what to believe... I chose to believe that you are indeed a moose hunter. The hunt is currently on here in parts of Sweden, so come here and shoot a big one!

    1. Hmm, sounds good. Maybe I'll bag a live one? I usually use lassoes when hunting so I can bring it back to SA to display in triumph! But do you have stick insects?

    2. Haha! No stick insects, barely any insects besides mosquitos (big and slow compared to the smaller near-equator ones), ants and wasps! And a little bumblebee or two.

    3. Oh that sounds heavenly. Mosquitos are the one insect on this world which I have no mercy for! Bumblbyb;ybby;ybeeeees are cute.