Thursday, 8 October 2015

Much to say-Little to do

My last day away from life sweet life. And I am very excited to get back home. And some post that I think has arrived while I was away! Still, 10 hour drive ahead so things are going to be a little grim. So much to say-- so little relevance.

1. I have given up latte's which I used to get in sachets? Saving about 2 mumaks a year!

2. I have had an argument(more of an altercation) with my sister about our mutual tortoise which is about the size of a matchbox. (its actually hers but, you know, Anyway I want to call it Fastitocolon 'like wot Llama did' and she wants to call it Petrie (pronounced Peetree?). Why? obviously Big F is better. I don't know! Anywho I was ganged up on and am now sad :(

What's more I painted something and that something is an Easterling/Carthaginian? He is actually a Haradrim mercenary from Abrakhan?(spelling?) but I am using Easterling rules for him.

The moon on the shield symbolizes service to Minas Morgul and the eye symbolizes service to Sauron in Barad-Dur. The symbol on the bottom right symbolizes he is from the 3rd company.

Again here on the WIP standard bearer their is a moon and an eye/disk. On the standard.

And here is a picture of a mumak head that is bigger than me ( and I am not that short).

And some bones... 
And below random pictures of random stuff.

There is nothing in this picture except the rolling plains of Africa...

You cant see it but the baby mumak is suckling and I could hear it. Very cute.

Goodbye :)


  1. The Mumak's head was of a magnificent beast called "Hapoor" which means "Bite-Ear" in Afrikaans - actually probably got the wound from a bullet. He was the dominant male elephant in the park for 24 years and very aggressive to humans often chasing the Park Staff away! He also broke through the boundary fence after it had been elephant-proof for 20 years! Quite an impressive beast.

  2. Yes, wouldn't want to fight him with a sword!

  3. Unless you were Legolas ...

  4. Although he didn't fight with a sword now did he... ;D