Saturday, 3 October 2015

Defender of the Southern Rammas

Hello again dear everyone who bothers. As you may know I change projects daily and therefore I spend a lot of time procrastinating, deviating and other such suspicious activities. My saving grace is my daily goals which I set in the morning or the night before and for a while all I have been doing is some fluff writing but finally I spontaneously picked up the paint brush again and finished something.

Here is my self-styled Gondorian unwashed.
Severe apologies must be mad for his shield as I settled for a white tree that looks suspiciously like a fish skeleton? Anyways...

And now washed. Big difference I know.

Here is the entire regiment in the making.

My background for these chaps is simple. They are part of a regiment deployed defending the southern part if the Rammas, the long long wall that surrounds the Pelenor?

Anyway, this is them.

As an added bonus I was reading the Times or the Economist if anyone knows those magazines and I read somewhere that a bunch of architects where trying to raise a couple of billion pounds or dollars to create a life size version of Minas Tirith somewhere in the mountains of southern England? Sounds interesting.

All for now! My holiday only lasts a few more days and I cant wait to be back! Terrible I know, but hey, that's me. :)


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