Monday, 5 October 2015

Camping with the Mumaks

So I have moved onto the next place, an national park filled with elephants. Sounds great except for camping.
Sadly my camping skills are limited as I generally avoid actually camping. I prefer sleeping in a place with walls but, oh well, what can one do?
One can paint 28mm miniatures instead of going on game drives! Terrible I know. Still, I had a minor calamity today. It was a gamers version of an oil spill. A paint spill. My silver/iron coloured paint somehow didn't close properly (I lay the full blame on it and none on myself and my own carelessness) and well, it started to ooze.
So this happened. Without even a basecoat!

And parts of this which did.
Anyway this all happened in our car which I have made my lair and personal retreat. I have began to spread the clutter!
I am pining for my hobby.
So much so that when I got wifi I opened around fifteen different pages of Llama's WoTR to read when I had to disconnect. I think I should write a book: The Desperate Obsessions of a Rabid/ Addicted Wargamer?
But who will read it?
Goodbye. *sniffles.

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  1. Hehe, good readin'. The spillage is just what you need to grow up as a hardcore crazy hobbyist ;D